You need to open one (safe house) here in Dallas Mr. Steve, that little girl is almost naked,
she doesn’t know what is about to happen to her
— Sarah 16 year old resident rescued from a life of trafficking that started at age 12

No girl in our program ever understood at the time what was about to “happen to her.” Before she had a chance to try out for the volleyball team, before she got to worry over how she looked in her new dress for the school dance, she was caught up in a world that paid for her beauty, youth and femininity.

Thanks to awareness programs many young girls are learning to recognize the danger of human trafficking before it happens. Thanks to rescue programs many young girls are being set free from human trafficking. True Mission chooses to focus on those who missed the warning signs yet were able to found a way out. That is the moment we at True Mission go to work.

Our greatest concern is keeping up with the growing demand for safe homes here in Texas and in a growing number of cities around the country. The truth is that just about every city needs a True Mission. True Mission believes help is possible for many more if you choose to get involved in this True Mission through GIVING, PRAYING, and TELLING.