TRUE MISSION is a long-term residential program for minor girls who have been exposed to or have been a victim of domestic sex trafficking. 

You took me away from a dangerous man and gave me a family that wouldn’t hurt me
— Lori, a 15 year old resident when asked if our program worked for her

TRUE MISSION chooses to focus its energies on each young girl whose life is threatened by or has been devastated by the abuse of human trafficking that we are able to locate. Because no child should be sold for any purpose, we will fight against this injustice and repair the lives broken by this exploitation as long as we have breath. 


TRUE MISSION offers a safe-haven for young girls who pray for an escape from their trauma.  We have witnessed too many girls rescued from crisis; only to return to the cycle of dysfunction that threatens their life on a daily basis. We offer the safety net to catch them before reentering a life of fear and neglect.

We believe the question goes beyond ‘is she safe?’ to ‘who is she and who will she become?’

TRUE MISSION works to give each girl in our program a fresh start. We can not replace that which was stolen, but we can start again. We can start again by teaching them that their past is not a part of their present and certainly not what is in store for them in the future, a future they never dared to dream of before. This future that includes higher education, a career, a family, and most importantly, the freedom to be truly loved and the opportunity to love again. 

TRUE MISSION fights on American soil to erase the effects of modern day slavery. 

 in the following ways: 

  • Staying by a young girl’s side until they can go to sleep at night with the lights off.
  • Teaching a young girl how to use their experience as a platform to build the strength necessary to become someone who will do great things for themselves and for others.
  • Equipping a young girl to become a liberator instead of a captive. 
  • Loving and living alongside our children through long-term holistic and Gospel-centered healing. 
  • Holding hands with like-minded, anti-trafficking advocates within the US and connecting volunteers with opportunities to serve and care for our children.  
  • Building and equipping safe houses across the nation with a non-government funded model of child-rescue care.
  • Offering a new model of life-care and therapy for children who are victims of sexual exploitation.    
  • Equipping our children to own, know, and share their story as the next generation leaders.

The TRUE MISSION of Jesus was not to hold covered dish dinners in the fellowship hall each Wednesday night, but instead to “SET THE CAPTIVES FREE.” TRUE MISSION knows that Jesus lived, died, and rose again not only for you and me but also for that young girl trapped in a world of darkness. We believe that the hope of all humanity hinges upon the true mission of Jesus, which is releasing us from the “yoke of slavery” and “setting us free.” From the Pharisee to the prostitute, our hearts cry out for a “FREEDOM THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING”. When we see God as the author of our entire life story we are empowered to be and become a life who hopes, loves well, and inspires the world.