I wasn’t ready so I ran. I thought it was better on the streets. You took me back after I learned that freedom isn’t always free.
— Kay Kay, who was 15 when she ran after only 10 days in our program. She came back to us and is about to graduate from High School then on to college.

See the Problem for What it is

Too many victims and too little in long-term care is the problem we must resolve. With the numbers of victims growing each day, we must pool our resources and together, make a difference that lasts. The reality of human trafficking victim aftercare is messy. So many people today are satisfied with taking part in a rally to bring awareness to the travesty of human trafficking. Yet, a TRUE MISSION requires a perseverance that stays the course through the dysfunctional habits, deep-rooted anger, fear and defense mechanisms of this work until the sun begins to shine again in the life of every young girl in our program.  


After we do the dishes and put the kids to bed and as we pick up the remote control each night as the sun goes down on our day, the day has just begun for so many who have learned to dread the night. We at TRUE MISSION all too often have seen young girls who only moments before were relaxed and laughing find themselves clinging to a stuffed animal as their source of security.

Though regularly thought to be an international problem, human trafficking occurs at an alarming rate in the United States. 


The average age of entry into trafficking in the United States is between 12 and 14. Young children who, either fled the abuse or neglect of their own homes, or placed their trust into the hands of the wrong person, find themselves in a deeper level of trauma than any they experienced before. These runaway youths and children experiencing difficulties at home, make ready targets for traffickers who take advantage of children’s emotional vulnerabilities and need for food, shelter, and money. We must be ready to take in any of these victims who may providentially escape the grasp of their captors. 


TRUE MISSION has restored the lives of young girls who were abducted through Facebook, and the KIK app. We have given hope to those whose own mothers gave them away to support a habit stronger than their desire to protect their own child. We have taught others how to find the true love they were seeking when they believed the words of the one they had hoped would love them through richer and through poorer. We have rejoiced at the sight of a teddy bear forgotten and left on the couch as the girl who once clung to it now slept peacefully in her own bed.  

Refuse Government Funding

Government funding limits the healing power of time.  Most child rescue operations within the USA are limited in their resources and time of care they are allowed to offer a child-rescue due to the limits of government funding.  TRUE MISSION is different. TRUE MISSION operates strictly by donations.  Through the generous giving of our friends, partners, churches, civic groups, and businesses; TRUE MISSION can offer what no other child rescue operation can—a long-term, family-style, Christ-centered healing approach not bound by age limits or government shut-downs.

Love through the Gospel

We believe that people need hope.  We believe that our story known inside the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our only hope. We believe the Gospel tells the truth about humanity, and that our story is the weaving together of all humanity. We believe that knowing, owning, and sharing our life-story is a basic human desire, and when this desire aligns with the Gospel, we are set free to heal, hope, receive and give love. We believe that as we grow in personal healing and love, it is our responsibility to stand in the gap for people whose stories have yet to be known or heard. We teach our children to know, own, and share their life-story as a means to holistic, long-term healing through our individualized healing approach. For, are not these the very ones Jesus spoke of when He said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick?”


Stay for the Long-Term

When we at TRUE MISSION rescue a child from their life of crisis, we are not looking for a quick fix or easy solution. It is a calling that requires perseverance, clarity and focus; otherwise, we simply re-traffic these victims in the name of Jesus. This is why we choose to exist as a 501c3 not for profit operation; taking no federal government funding, which typically expires when the child turns eighteen. 


Because these victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking often experience mental and sexual abuse, psychological trauma, and have likely sustained physical injury from their pimps and traffickers, they have a very distinctive psychology and a unique set of needs that requires a long-term solution. Rather than treating them as the victims they really are with little hope, we choose to invest for the long-term until they become conquerors themselves whose wounds have only made them stronger and hope has returned. When you get a late start on life, eighteen is too soon to be given a suitcase with your birthday cake as programs relying on government funding are forced to do to keep the lights on. At TRUE MISSION we believe private, corporate, and church funding are the only means of building a program that stays until the job is done. 


Empower Not Imprison 

At TRUE MISSION you will never see a design or promo or pamphlet with a picture of a scared girl with sad eyes. Although this is the face of so many young women who live today as victims of human trafficking, we at TRUE MISSION believe that it is the story of the heart behind those eyes that will change our world.  Daily, we are inspired by the stories of our young leaders and believe their heroic life is meant to be shared to inspire others and celebrated as a life chosen to be redeemed and restored by God. Therefore, we do not believe in hiding our girls from the world. We do not believe they are criminals to be held behind bars. We do not refer to them as "those girls" or use dark symbols to represent them. This is why we do not keep our girls in a lock-down treatment center, but instead, offer our girls a safe, secure home where each girl is free to leave at any time. We offer our young women the opportunity to heal and grow as they thread into our own life. We believe that as each story connects, together we grow, change, deepen, and are set free to know and tell our life-story as God intended--on purpose and for purpose. 


Restore through Freedom

TRUE MISSION stands alongside our children in the midst of their crisis as we push them toward healing and hope.  We listen to their unheard voices and wipe their tears.  Our leaders recognize potential where others see despair; we see victors where others see victims. Instead of extending pity toward our children for their devastating past, we create an environment for them to see their wounds as power; establishing a model of healing from the inside, out.  Instead of focusing on the behavior of the child, we challenge the child to peel back the layers of hurt inside their heart--opening up the opportunity to break the chains of their past and usher in authentic healing and restoration for their future. We can only do this with your help. Please join a growing team of supporters that have committed to something more than a cause, but instead to our TRUE MISSION.