Same need, same leadership, same vision, new name

What started under the name RestoreHer Virginia continues under a new name:{TrueMission} Virginia. The tug on Jimmy and Cindy's hearts towards this new endeavor began when they heard Kasey Van Norman and Steve Singleton speak about the work they were apart with RestoreHer at Still Creek Ranch in Bryan, TX. From that moment on, the Thompson's knew they needed to learn more. As work began to establish RestoreHer Virginia, it became clear that some changes were in the works. Below is the announcement from Kasey Van Norman, president of TrueMission Inc. in December about the launch of this new ministry:

Two years ago this month the Lord uprooted the Van Normans’ comfortable existence and, with all grace and clarity, called us to work and live at Still Creek Ranch in Bryan, TX. In the past two years we have been profoundly and deeply stretched, blessed and loved by the children and staff of Still Creek and Restore Her Ministries. We have seen God move in this place through the lives He has given us the honor and privilege to love and do life with. It is a bittersweet time as we pack up our home here on the Ranch and say goodbye to friends who have become our family.

Throughout the past few months it has become clear that the Lord has used our time at Still Creek Ranch to prick our hearts toward the specific area of serving minor girls who have been rescued out of human trafficking here in the United States. Our heart is to see homes built and lives restored in every city across our nation. We commend the mission of Still Creek and Restore Her Ministries as they continue to fight for children to be rescued and loved here in Brazos County.

As 2015 approaches the Van Normans’ are grateful that the Lord has specified our calling, deepened our love and knowledge of caring for children out of crisis, and has paved the way for our national launch of {TrueMission}. {TrueMission} is the most audacious dream we have ever received from the Lord, but one we know is sure and ready to be felt in every city where young girls are being sexually exploited each day.

It is with tender hearts we say thank you to those of you who have given your time, prayers, and money to the children of Still Creek Ranch in our time here. And it is with great joy that our family embraces this new season and calling for our life. We would be honored by your prayers now, and we invite you to also consider coming alongside the Van Norman family in our {TrueMission}. To learn more about {TrueMission} you can visit our website We also welcome your personal questions or comments via email at: or
— Justin and Kasey Van Norman

All funds given towards RestoreHer Virginia have transferred over to TrueMission Virginia as the vision and the work here in Central Virginia is one and the same. If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Jimmy Thompson