I wish my brother could be here, he needs to be here.
— May, a 14 year old resident.

On January 13 1982, Air Florida flight 90 crashed into the frozen Potomac River. Hundreds of people and emergency responders stood on the banks of the river and the bridge overpass watching as several passengers fought for their lives in the freezing water. While everyone was watching, and surely torn at having to witness this tragedy, one man, Lenny Skutnik, had the courage to brave the freezing water and jump in to rescue these poor souls.

Get on board and join us as we jump into the river and save as many as we can by PRAYING, DONATING, and TELLING others to get involved in a TRUE MISSION to save those who, through no fault of their own, find themselves fighting for their lives in the freezing rivers of human trafficking. Jump into he water with us, because we can not do this without your help. You can jump in by;

  1. Committing to give each month and forming a group to each give by:
    1. Hold a True Mission Sunday at your church.
    2. Host a True Mission gathering at your home.
    3. Launch a True Mission campaign at your office.
  2. Commenting and sharing us on all your social sites