The Awareness:

The dark reality of human trafficking has begun to be exposed in our country. No longer is this epidemic being seen as an international crisis that happens in 3rd world countries. Our country is awakening to the fact that this is a domestic issue as well. Our daughters are being peddled out like a disposable commodity. 

Awareness organizations have made great strides in bringing this horrific reality to light. The subject of domestic trafficking has come towards the forefront of national conversation. We are so thankful for the friends and partners who work tirelessly to bring awareness to this issue, but awareness is not enough.

The rescue:

More and more organizations are offering opportunities to build bridges to victims and offer to rescue them including short-term safe houses. Whether it be passive strategies like trafficking hotlines or active strategies, like the Princess Nights of Out of Darkness, organizations are rolling up their sleeves to provide rescue to those who want out. 

The Problem:

But after the awareness campaign and after the rescue, what happens to that girl? Where does she go? With so many girls being exploited by people they at one time trusted, how does she learn to trust again? How does she adjust to her new normal? 


That's where we come in: